Affiliated Centers

Center on Medicine as a Profession (CMAP)

CMAP was established in October 2003 at the Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons through a joint agreement by the Institute on Medicine as a Profession (IMAP) and Columbia University. CMAP carries out IMAP's programmatic agenda, and David J. Rothman, Ph.D., serves as CMAP's Director.

Center for the Study of Society and Medicine (CSSM)
The Center for the Study of Society and Medicine is an interdisciplinary institution, examining the complex interactions between medicine and society. CMAP and CSSM share administrative staff and facilities. CSSM faculty use historical, sociological, literary, and philosophical methods to analyze clinical practices and biomedical research to broaden the training for health care professionals. Through an understanding of medicine in its full social and cultural context, CSSM works to inform patient care and public policy. CSSM's current research focuses on genetic research and organ transplantation. Its staff's most recent publications include: "Ashkenazi Jews and Breast Cancer", "Hidden Costs of Organ Transplantation", and "Trust is Not Enough."

China-US Center on Medical Professionalism
The China-US Center on Medical Professionalism is a joint effort by Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) and a consortium of American organizations, including the Institute on Medicine as a Profession, the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, Permanente medical Group, Inc. and Foundation Open Society Institute. Located at the PUHSC and led by Professor Yali Cong, the Center strives to advance the concepts and practice of medical professionalism in China. In this way, the Center hopes to enhance the delivery of health care and promote essential elements of civil society.

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