Glossary of Terms

AMC: Academic Medical Center

Policy: a mandate that sets required standards for conduct in an institution.

Guideline: a proposed or recommended course of action not mandatory (in contrast to policy).

Curriculum: educational material intended to inform individuals about policy and guide conduct.

Gifts: any item, cash payment, or gratuity provided to physicians and hospital staff by the pharmaceutical or device industries. Examples include pens, notepads, textbooks, event tickets, etc.

Meals: any food or beverages provided on or off site, including banquets and vouchers.

Samples: medical products that are provided free of charge to hospitals or their staff.

P&T Committees (Pharmacy and Therapeutics): formal decision-making bodies, usually composed of physicians and pharmacists, that oversee the purchasing of pharmaceutical products.

CME (Continuing Medical Education): educational activities accredited by the ACCME intended to keep physicians and hospital staff up to date on healthcare technology and information.

Honoraria: monies or compensation given for services that do not traditionally require payment.

Scholarships/Fellowships: grants intended for research and educational purposes.

Travel funds: money intended to cover the costs of travel for work-related events or educational activities.

Ghostwriting: any written work published under the name of healthcare personnel that was written in part or in full by pharmaceutical industry staff or paid writers.

Speakers' Bureaus: lectures or meetings paid for by the pharmaceutical industry which feature physician lecturers speaking on healthcare topics to colleagues and staff.

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