China-US Center on Medical Professionalism Grantees



The impact on payment models and physicians salaries on medical professionalism

Project Leader: Jin Huang

Grant Year: 2010

Project Description: Jin Huang of the West China Medical School will compare payment models and their influence on medical professionalism by examining different systems in use in Chinese hospitals. 


Research on Incentive and Restraint Mechanism for Medical Adverse Event Reporting of Hospitals

Project Leader: Zongjiu Zhang

Grant Year: 2010

Project Description: Zongjiu Zhang of the Department of Medical Service Regulation at the Ministry of Health will study adverse event reporting systems at 18 hospitals and seek to identify best practices.


Study of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) in Promoting Medical Professionalism

Project Leader: Cheng Zhan

Grant Year: 2010

Project Description: Zhen Cheng of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) is studying the history of the organization, asking how it might become a stronger force for professionalism in China.


The Role of Medical Professionalism in the Formulation of Health Policy 

Project Leader: Lin Bian

Grant Year: 2010

Project Description: Professor Lin Bian is analyzing the relevance of concepts of professionalism to the formulation of recent health policy reforms, seeking to identify ways that the concept might shape new initiatives. 


Concept and Principles of Medical Professionalism in China: A China-US Comparative Perspective

Project Leader: Linying Hu

Grant Year: 2009

Project Description:
Ms. Hu will be surveying physicians’ attitudes towards medical professionalism in China. Chinese traditions of medical ideals and behavior differ significantly from the U.S. model of medical professionalism. Yet Ms. Hu suggests that certain traditional concepts of Chinese medical morality can be adapted and transformed into medical professionalism. While structuring her research methodology, she has received guidance from Dr. Eric Campbell at Harvard’s Institute for Health Policy, who has performed two similar studies in the US. Ms. Hu’s proposal includes the development of educational material about medical professionalism.

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The Relationship between Chinese Medical Professionalism Idea and Professional Behavior–Key Issues and Possible Solutions to Hidden Rules in Medical Profession

Project Leader:
Sun Fuchuan

Grant year: 2009

Project Description:
Fuchuan proposed an analysis of the relationship between the ideals of medical professionalism and physician behavior. In particular his research is interested in identifying the “hidden rules” of Chinese medicine - the social/professional norms that are not publically discussed or established. His project combines a larger survey with a number of in-depth interviews, aspiring to collect data on the relationship between medical practice and professionalism.

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Medical Professionalism from the Patients’ Perspective

Project Leader: Zhizheng Du

Grant year: 2008

Project Description:
For a second year, Professor Du will be receiving funding from the China-US Center on Medical Professionalism. Professor Du is performing a survey of hospital patients’ attitudes towards medical professionalism in four regions in China. The first round of the survey was completed in October 2009 and initial results were presented at the October Conference, available in the Powerpoint below.


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