Drug, Alcohol, Food and Tobacco Symposium

A conference on “Industry-Medicine Relationships: Comparing Tobacco, Alcohol, Food and Pharmaceuticals” was held on November 2-3, 2009 with support from theAmerican Legacy Foundation

The goal of this conference was to develop and disseminate new knowledge on the relationship between industry and medicine by comparing practices of four major industries, tobacco, food, alcohol and pharmaceuticals (including medical devices). Issues to be analyzed: efforts by the four industries to influence medicine and how medicine responds. The conference brought together experts whose work pertains to these different fields. 

This event was unique in that it will be the first time that scholars of all four industries will come together to present findings, make comparisons and analyze the implications of their findings across industries. Click here to read the Project Description Addendum, and see below for the presentations given at the conference.

Resulting Publications:

(Note: four of the papers our participants submitted were published as a special section in the January 2012 American Journal of Public Health.)

Conference Presentations:

Conflict of Interest in Nutrition Research 
Author : David S. Ludwig MD, PhD 

Conflict of Interest with Nutrition and Obesity 
Author : Kelly Brownell, PhD 

Confusion, Contention and Collaboration: Alcohol Producers and Global Public Health 
Author : Dave Jernigan, PhD 

Joe Camel in a Bottle: Diageo, the Smirnoff Brand, and the Transformation of the Youth Alcohol Market 
Author : James F. Mosher, JD

Alcohol Policy, Academic Medicine and the Alcoholic Beverage Industry 
Author : Thomas F. Babor PhD, MPH 

Inventing Conflicts of Interest: Tobacco Industry Tactics 
Author : Allan Brandt 

Manipulation of Research: The Tobacco, Lead, Vinyl Chloride and Pharmaceutical Industries 
Author : Lisa Bero PhD, Jenny White MSc, MPH 

Organized Medicine, Tobacco Control, and Public Health: Syllogism or Disconnect?
Author: Peter Jacobson, JD, MPH

Responses to drug and device companies’ practices: Policies at U.S. Medical Schools
Author: Susan Chimonas, PhD

The Impact of Transparency on Industry-Medicine Relationships 
Author: David J Rothman, PhD

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