Rational Drug Prescribing

In 2007, the Oregon Department of Justice’s Prescriber and Consumer 
Education Grant Program (CPGP)
 awarded IMAP a $399,495 grant to support 
“Rational prescribing in a world of marketing: Educating providers and 
organizations to best practices.” The goals of this ongoing project are to reduce the impact of industry marketing on healthcare providers and to promote rational prescribing. 

Although many medical practitioners and organizations have not adequately addressed the influence of pharmaceutical marketing and conflict of interest on prescribing behavior, some institutions have established innovative policies to promote quality and reduce costs. This project will investigate and evaluate these initiatives, incorporating the findings into effective teaching materials. 

The grant has resulted in two web resources now available on IMAP's website.

  • A series of Conflict of Interest Best Practices Toolkits which highlight policies that effecticely counter industry influence and promote evidence-based, cost-effective prescribing
  • An Online Curriculum which guides readers through the process of (and provides the intellectual arguments for) instituting stronger Conflict of Interest policies at Academic Medical Centers and other health care settings

These materials will be relevant to a wide and varied audience with any interest in understanding and/or teaching conflict of interest in medicine. The curriculum is an especially valuable resource for medical professionals, particularly those in leadership positions at AMCs and other health care settings, academic medical faculty, compliance officers, and any other potential change agents who are attempting to bring about policy change at organizations.

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