Changing Attitudes and Practices in Professionalism: 2004-2009

Author :

Eric Campbell, David Blumenthal et al.

Published :

Apr. 6 2011


The following is a compilation of studies published by the Mongan Institute for Health Policy at Harvard detailing the findings of two surveys on physician attitudes toward medical professionalism.  The two surveys were supported by a grant from IMAP.

1. Prevalence of basic information technology use by US physicians
Grant RW, Campbell EG, Gruen RL, Ferris TG, Blumenthal D.
Publication: Journal of General Internal Medicine (2006)

2.Public roles of U.S. physicians community participation, political involvement and collective advocacy
Authors: Gruen R, Campbell EG, Blumenthal D.  
Publication: JAMA (2006)

3. Physician industry relationships: Results of a national survey
Authors: Campbell EG, Gruen RG, Mountford J, Miller LG, Cleary PD, Blumenthal D. 
Publication: New England Journal of Medicine (2007)

4. Professionalism in medicine: Results of a national survey of physicians
Authors: Campbell EG, Regan S, Gruen R, Ferris T, Rao S, Cleary P, Blumenthal D.
Publication: Annals of Internal Medicine (2007)

5. Physician attitudes toward personal relationships with patients
Authors: Regan S, Ferris TG, Campbell EG.
Publication: Medical Care (2010)

6. Physician professionalism: Changes in physician industry relationships 2004 and 2009
Authors: Campbell EG, Rao SR, DesRoches CM, Iezzoni LI, Vogeli C, Bolcic-Jankovic, DM, Miralles PD.
Publication: Archives of Internal Medicine (2010)

7. Professional values and reported behaviors of doctors in the United States and United Kingdom: Quantitative Survey
Authors: Roland M, Rao S, Sibbald B, Hann M, Walter A, Gutherie B, DesRoches C, Ferris TG, Campbell EG.
Publication: BMJ Quality and Safety (2011)

8. Physician's perceptions, preparedness for reporting and experiences related to impaired and incompetent colleagues
Authors: DesRoches CM, Rao SR, Fromson JA, Birmbaum RJ; Iezzoni L, Vogeli C, Campbell EG.
Publication: JAMA (2010) 

9. Survey Shows That At Least Some Physicians Are Not Always Open Or Honest With Patients
Authors: Iezzoni L, Rao SR, DesRoche C, Vogeli C and Campbell EG.
Publication: Health Affairs (2012)

10. Characteristics of primary care safety net providers and their quality improvement: Attitudes and Activities: Results of a national survey of physician professionalism
Authors: Lopez L, DesRoches C, Vogeli C, Grant R, Iezzoni L, Campbell EG.
Publication: American Journal of Medical Quality (2012)

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